Anonymous asked:

I hope you get raped.

greekgodsforsocialjustice answered:

Been there and all I got was years of therapy

(gif removed because on second thought it was uncalled for….kinda like the anon’s ask)





Something tells me that anon has never been raped, because I guarantee that if they had, they wouldn’t be wishing it on someone else.

General rule of thumb: if the message is something that you A) wouldn’t want sent to you; B) can’t attach your name too; or C) wouldn’t look someone in the eye while saying, you probably shouldn’t send it.

There are just some things that I wouldn’t wish on even the worst people…..



If you rape someone, you should die. Immediately.

Darlings, no. No no no. Do not wish rape on someone, do not wish death on someone, do not tell someone that they should die.

Please. The best thing we can all do is acknowledge that this anon obviously has some issues they haven’t worked out, and that it was an awful thing to say, and move on.

If we start wishing rape and death on people, that puts us on the same level as them, and we do not want that.